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07 19th, 2008

Maybe you allready know this name Bree Olsen , she is one of the hottest teen babes on the web today , blonde hairs perfect body , very cute , very sexy , also very rich girl . Well hot teen girls also have an evil side to them you know , and Bree proves that even the sexiest cute teen blonde has a evil side , which doesnt like to joke around with weak stupid males , and this video where Bree blackmails her mothers boyfriend , and starts to force him into being her little bitch slave , only thing about what i just said , a teen girl forces an adult male who is her mothers boyfriend into being her personal slave ,how , by the art of blackmailing the wimp , Imagine being that male , Bree knows he likes to look at her so she uses this power to bring him to his knees and make him lick her pussy and ass , while she has a hidden camera filming him , so now she can totally control her mothers ugly ass boyfriend ans she the teen brat will have what she wants when ever she wants , Do you dream of becoming enslaved by a hot teen girl who is part of your life , then you should check out the full video to get a taste of how this can be , and trust me , watching this video you wont be able to controll your self ;)

07 19th, 2008

Hot teen girls have the softest and most beautifull feet in the world if anybody would ask me , have you ever touched the sole’s of a teen , its very nice and soft ,and many of us men consider it a great honer to be allowed to touch a hot girls feet, So we will all consider the male in the photo a very lucky male slave as while he is licking the feet and is being teased by the feet of the brunette girl who looks slightly older then the blonde cutie who is starting to controll his small slave cock¬† , With dominant females you allways need to be lucky , same goes with dominant teens , one will say No No to touching a slaves cock , others will say its fun and they would even like to have sex with their slaves , the Dominant Female decides there are no set rules , who ever has the power decides which rules are used , coming back to the point of Luck you can end up with a Domina who locks up your cock in a chasity device and lets your little cock rot there as she sees no use for it , or you might end up with a Domina who likes to milk you everday , and take all your energy by using you as her sex toy , sex slave .

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